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First Winter Triathlon in China and Asia – 2019

First Winter Triathlon in China and Asia – 2019

In January 2019, the first ever Winter Triathlon in China and Asia took place in Zhangjiakou, the Olympic city of Beijing 2022.
Winter Triathlon is a relatively young sport, licensed for less than 10 years, consisting of the following disciplines in that order: running, mountain biking and cross-country skiing. The distances vary from 6 to 8 km of running, 10 to 12 km of mountain biking and 8 to 10 km of cross-country skiing.

ISEC organised this Winter Triathlon World Cup test event as part of the Beijing Olympic Winter Games. The 20 best athletes in the world were invited to launch this series. The aim was to repeat the series every year until the 2022 Games, when the event should have been added as a demonstration sport, but Covid had to do it! The race was a great success, and the second edition will be organised as soon as the health situation in China allows it.

Découvrez nos vidéos du winter  sur youtube : https://youtu.be/wF-TguDZzYE